New $100K NASA grant funded

Published Dec. 17, 2018

11/01/2018 - Joseph Canizaro and James Livingston Center for Environmental Informatics (Gulfscei) at the University of New Orleans has landed a NASA Stennis Space Center (SSC) grant worth nearly $100K. Associate professor of Computer Science Md Tamjidul Hoque is the Principal Investigator (PI) of this project entitled, “Intellectual Property Data Analysis and Decision Support Using Advanced Text Analytics and Machine Learning.“

The project is to develop a set of automated tools that can assist SSC in managing and marketing its portfolio of intellectual properties (IP) to internal and external users. Recently, Dr. Hoque successfully completed an earlier contract with NASA SSC to create an advanced machine-learning tool for multiclass patent document classification: Automated Patent Analysis System (APAS). The PI team will enhance the existing APAS to make it run as a standalone and fully-automated part of the NASA Technology Transfer System (NTTS). The task is to leverage the capabilities of APAS to analyze and classify New Technology Reports (NTRs) into one or more of the 30 categories based on the degree of membership. The enhanced APSA will generate appropriate tags about each NTR to improve user search results. The PI team will apply advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent paradigm to develop the proposed tools.